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Why can't I buy a Santa? Well let me tell you a little story

Hallmark's Nostalgic Christmas movie

One late May day in 2019, as I was renovating my new carving studio, a lovely man named Keith reached out to see if I could carve a whole bunch of Santas for Hallmark's adaptation of the Canadian book, House of Wooden Santas by Kevin Major (with carvings by Imelda George). A fan of the book, I naturally said yes. Little did I know that would change my life so dramatically. The movie aired November 1st, 2019, and I have been sold out of every Santa and Fisherman ever since. Every single one.


When I get a batch ready to sell, I let the folks on my mailing list know with a link to the new work. It is first come, first serve only. I CANNOT take specific orders. If you receive the link, it connects you to the page with new work but often, they sell out in just minutes. This is the only alternative I have to sell at this time however, and I am still hand carving and painting them all so every one is unique.

Many folks get frustrated because they sell out so fast but I am one person hand carving them all. I can average about 10 per week. At 50 weeks a year, that is only 500 pieces and there are over 1700 just on the mailing list. See the problem with that math? I promise I am not deliberately torturing you. There is no secret stash that I refuse to reveal. I carve 'em, you buy 'em. If I could make more, I certainly would. I so appreciate the enthusiasm people have shown and I wish I could please everyone but it seems impossible at the moment.

Orders and Fulfillment 

If you successfully order a carving, be sure to double check your address to be certain it is correct. I mail within 1-3 days so any special requests or instructions need to be forwarded quickly. 

Payment Methods
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